Monday, September 14, 2009

How Now Brown Cow?

Hope the weekend was restful for you. It wasn't for me. A 1½ year old can do that to a fella!

It looks as though we'll see Melissa and Pete Pete back in the fold here relatively soon. Whether that means this week or next I'm not yet certain. Pete has already sent me a little something and if I get the okay from him I'll post it.

I got a note from someone asking about the next part of Hatfield's sci-fi story. I'm not sure if it was Hat himself since there wasn't much chatter about it here on the blog! It's all up to him if he wants to share more. You can hit him up on twitter at "thehatfield."

For some reason, Hat continues to refuse to write for this blog. I think he wants to go write for The Hunter's Mark, a very good blog/resource for hunters run by Lassirra.

For me... not much WoW for the weekend. Got the priest up to 64 and took a break over in Champions Online.

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