Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Widespread Panic

In honor of getting tickets for the August 21 Widespread Panic/Allman Brothers show this morning, here's Down:

Also, contrary to the apparently popular belief (and I don't know where recent emailers could possibly have heard anything about this), I have not sold the blog to News Corporation, nor are we entering into any sort of agreement with the FX family of networks. No one has fired anyone at the blog, and it is not true that I will be going alone to News Corporation and leaving the other four behind in the dust. It's just not true.


  1. While that song is one of their more offbeat tracks for being so poppy, it really isn't anything special either, I think you've undersold the Panic with that selection. Why not a version of Hatfield? Or Barstools & Dreamers? Or Diner?

    And if you've seriously left us for FX you suck but I wish you good luck.

  2. Mel, didn't you get the text?

    Jim, I'm going to miss being humiliated by you at nearly every opportunity and hopefully I'm a better writer and person now for the experience. Please come back if your contract allows. Are you moving right out of Princeton (do you still keep a place in NYC)? Where is FX? I still have a place in San Diego so hit me up.

  3. I can do In the Chamber next week if no one has any objections.