Monday, April 27, 2009

World of Warcraft

I haven't been playing too much World of Warcraft lately, and I'm not one of those psychos that listens to WoW podcasts when not playing WoW so I have no idea what's been going on in podcast land. I'm pretty sure I'm relieved that I missed the bulk of repetitive garbage that usually comes out of peoples' mouths around patch time.

The whole point of listening to the shows for me is to learn something new. There's a certain point that I reach on certain shows - like then it's the 10th show I've heard that week read off a list of patch change notes - when I start to wonder why it is that the host(s) is/are doing a podcast and that is never a good sign. And it's been happening a lot more lately than it did before. So I feel like I'm in a bit of an unfair place to review shows right now because they will universally be negative.

More about me, it's already the end of April and I only have a month and a half on my refer-a-friend bonus. I haven't really done a thing with it. The priest I was intending to speed level is still sitting at level 25. My wacky paladin/rogue combo imploded when the paladin refused to continue working with the rogue. My second Oracle egg hatches and it was the snake pet for the second week in a row! Made a quick 50g on that, etc.. I have been becomming FLITHY RICH by marking up Eternium Thread 2000%. They are available from a vendor in Icecrown for about 2-3g and are selling on my server for 40-50g each. I recently sold a stack of 10 for 400g.

See how annoying that is? It happens all the time in podcasts to the point where if I'm not hearing some completely unrelated and unimportant personal gaming information meant to posture themselves as WoW badasses or funny or whatever their inane point is I feel like something is missing from the show. How messed up is that?

That's why I'm saying, I need to set some actual parameters about what makes a good podcast and what doesn't. UWoW, for all of our codes and strange inner workings was still a more "gut instinct" place than I wanted it to be. That was one of the biggest problems we had when the five of us first started. What if four of us loved a show but the one who happned to be reviewing it hated it for whatever reason?


  1. Oh God... I forgot Noblegarden. I might be avoiding podcasts for another two weeks or so so that all of the RNG griping and other general whinging has a chance to die down first. Plus I abhor when they sit there and read you the list of achievements available from Noblegarden. It's as if they think their audience is comprised mainly of the blind and they are providing some valuable service. Makes me fall asleep when attempting to listen, literally.

  2. Jim, thanks for reminding me about Noblegarden. I now saved a bunch of bandwidth by ignoring half the podcasts I normally listen to for the past week. I want to kill virtual dragons, not search for virtual tuxedos, dresses, and eggs. The last thing I want to hear is people launching into the RNG pissing that they do, without even thinking about what "1% drop rate" ever means.

  3. Also, spellcheck "becomming FLITHY"!!!