Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Completely Unscientific Poll

Did a "quick" Twitter poll, and 9 of the 44 UWoW followers actually responded. They were probably like: UWoW? What's that again?

The question was, if you had to name one, what is your favorite WoW podcast at the moment?

Not surprisingly, Blue Plz! topped the list. I say not surprisingly because TB has been very supportive of this blog on his show and I imagine that many of his listeners enjoy the honest, beholden-to-no-one opinions offered here. Here's the tally:

Blue Plz! 4
rawrcast 1
Ctrl Alt Wow 1
The Instance 1
All Things Azeroth 1
Bind on Equip 1


  1. Whoever said All things Azeroth, The Instance, or Ctrl Alt WoW...SERIOUSLY?!

  2. The Instance and C-A-W are both great shows...there isn't a show on that list that isn't top drawer.

  3. I'd toss out Outlandish Podcast, they have some awesome song parodies at the beginning and entertaining mod bumpers as "commercials". Good content, they don't just read patch notes! Entertaining to listen to everyone's "week in review" but these guys are hilarious, but with an explicit tag.

    The Twisted Nether usually has on good bloggers, so I enjoy hearing a specific class perspective each week.