Tuesday, June 23, 2009

World of Podland Podcast

I'm trying to get some folks together for a satiric/comedy WoW show that would resemble the Colbert Report and spoof other WoW podcasts. Have loose outlines together already for the first two shows. I plan to have them very lightly scripted, basically just personality traits I wish displayed and topics that should be covered, but will mostly just be improv. Should be a tremendous amount of fun.

Please shoot me a note if you have any interest in such a project: jimsurge@gmail.com

EDIT: I received a couple of questions asking so thought I'd clarify: there's no need for your real life identity to ever become known on the podcast (unless you wish to do so, of course). The "hosts" and "guests" will all be "characters."

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  1. Have a couple of takers. Need one or two more. Shoot me a note: jimsurge@gmail.com