Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Warming to the Occassion

Starting to get back into the blog a little bit now that the dust has settled.

For those of you who have asked Fred is doing well. He's moved down to Reddington Beach in Tampa, Florida where the climate and other medical factors are better suited for his particular health condition. He says you can still contact him directly at uwowfred@live.com, just remember the replies from him might go into your spam folder! I'm actually going to set up a gmail account for myself today to avoid this auto-filter nonsense.

Toothy has come in off the ledge since Nottingham Forest somehow survived the drop in the English Championship. He's still Doogie Howser'ing his way through university and does not extend best wishes to anyone. Haven't heard a thing from Pete Pete, and I suspect I may never again. Mel has been around, she is apparently STILL working on a new logo, one that will remove the words "World of Warcraft" while retaining the "UWoW" brand. I'll likely be removing the words "World of Warcraft" from the blog, and just calling the place UWoW, since it is a resource for you... the podcast-going WoW-lovers. We may still see infrequent pieces from these folks in the future, but they are no longer formally associated with the blog.

Wanted to post a note I received a few weeks ago from our friends over at The Grind Podcast, which was one of my favorite WoW-related shows:

Unfortunately, The Grind Podcast will be no more. The logistics of producing and releasing a quality show each week proved to be daunting. Steve Hamner and myself, David Sanna, have made the decision that although the Grind must end, we would like to continue. The final two episodes of The Grind podcast will be hosted at a new feed on Itunes. Our new show, Inside Azeroth, will begin recording in less than two weeks.

You can find us at: InsideAzeroth.com

Thanks again for your blog. It's a must read for any WoW podcaster.


David Sanna

It's a shame because I really thought The Grind was getting into a good groove and it really grew on me quickly. But from these ashes comes a new show and I hope everyone will check that out too. I haven't given a listen yet but will report back when I do. The last Grind, #48, was posted on May 10.

Some interesting other news going on lately. I thought the Blue Plz! special 4th anniversary show from May 22 was the best WoW-related anniversary show I've heard. It was a flat-out party and that's what made it EPIC for me. Great stuff, good reflections by other WoW Radio folks, just well done.

I was disappointed that I missed this past weekend's live rawrcast broadcast, on which TB was a guest, so can't wait to give that one a listen. I have to hand it to Stompalina, she seems, along with the Bind on Equip and Ctrl Alt WoW folks right now, to really be making an effort to reach out to and collaborate with other podcasts and other broadcasters on a regular basis.

More to come... in the FUTURE!

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  1. I can now be contacted more easily at: jimsurge@gmail.com

    Still has that new e-mail address smell too. Ahh!