Friday, January 22, 2010

Been a Good Week for You?

Like most holiday-shortened weeks, the arrival of Friday always seems pleasantly early. The podcasters seem to have finally soldiered on through the bleak "dead period" after the Christmas holidays and new year and new episodes are once again dropping faster than Sartharion with no drakes.

Warcraft Radio is sadly winding to a close. Previously I posted a link to The Cynical Brit, which will be Totalbiscuit's new hideout. Looks like Blue Plz!, Gaming Express, and Gaming the System are the first three shows to be officially announced as part of TCB's arsenal of caustic mayhem.

A ton of shows will be moving over to OMFG who are still in the process of feeling things out, regrouping, and moving forward. A preliminary list of shows from their forums includes: Council of Six, Essence of RP, MaxSpeed, The Donut Shop, Fragged Up, PUG, Tales From Your Mom's Basement, and The Combobulater.

Looks like two of our favorite shows - Octale & Hordak vs. the World, and Casually Hardcore - will be joining forces in the near future over at Verses The World (VTW), which is presently in beta. To keep up with the Casually Hardcore gang right now you can do so over at Alpha Geek Radio.

As of right now The Emperor's Court is listed both on the VTW beta site and on the OMFG forums, so maybe there's a bidding war going on behind the scenes. :)

Have some thoughts brewing on recent shows.

Random: Despite the endless shtick from John Jakobson I'm pleased Warcraft Outsiders is back for some reason.

Hope you had a good week.

Thank you.

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