Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Farewell WoW Radio

It shouldn't be news by now that Totalbiscuit has decided to pull the plug on WoW Radio. In his heartfelt This is it posting on their main site, TB did have this to offer:

I can’t speak for the other staff, who will tell you of their own plans on their shows and forums, but I can speak for myself and what I intend to do in future. I have a new site which will be ready to launch very soon, which I will be continuing to broadcast Blue Plz!, Gaming the System and a brand new, daily gaming news show entitled Gaming Express. This site will feature it’s own forums, blog comment system and substantially more regular content than you’re used to seeing from me. Without the responsibility of managing a large, volunteer organisation, I expect to be able to focus my efforts on what I’ve always loved, producing top-quality audio content for you. A link to this site will be provided once it has been launched.
They also report that The Donut Shop with The Donut Boys, MaxSpeed with Speedyf40, Maxmaps, and Kae, Essence of RP with Almighty Farseer and Kexman, and But Wait! There’s Lore! with Shinoda and Snapplemonkey will remain producing new shows at a new site TBA.

I'll keep up with this and report any news I hear.

I do understand that this is hardly the end. Neigh, a new dawn approaches! But I would like to use this space to say that this blog owes a great deal to WoW Radio, and especially to Totalbiscuit, for their long-standing and enthusiastic support. Thank you WoW Radio for your uncompromising attitudes, for all the laughs, for teaching me so much about this game and industry that we all love. In a time when so many people are consumed with spreading bullshit to the far reaches of the globe you were a beacon of hope to critical thinkers everywhere. We still get hundreds of views per week here, and it sure isn't the quality or frequency of the content over the last two months. That is a testament to the enduring power of WoW Radio.

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