Wednesday, January 27, 2010

KYS (nws)

We'd like to take this time to salute our pal thehatfield, who is all proud of himself for having his tweet appear in the crawl at the bottom of the screen on AOTS yesterday. He was so geeked up about the experience that he actually had to delete a tweet which said he was pleased with "@atos" for recognizing his tweet about Bill Hicks being "favorite stand-up commedian."

He didn't mention that there were at least 5 other Bill Hicks marks on that crawl, and maybe even as many as 6-10 more. (Only one or two brave souls mentioned Norm MacDonald or Mitch Hedberg.) Everyone seemed obsessed with Gabriel Iglesias or somesuch. He also didn't mention that he's now being followed by about 30 more no doubt insane basement-dwellers taking the time to follow people mentioned on Attack of the Show.

As a viewer I felt embarrassed for all of the Dimitri Martin mentions, but I suppose the emo crowd deserves to be represented as well.

In honor of his horrible achievement, I'm going to attempt to embed this Bill Hicks comedy segment on marketing, since Hat's soulless ass works in publishing devising ways to con people out of money.

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  1. That is still pretty classic for being 20 years old.