Friday, January 8, 2010

Follow Friday

We do like to maintain a degree of our underground identity here at the blog. Last year though, none of us could really tell you what that meant because it would have exposed us as a parody site.

This site is meant to be for people that somehow stumble on it. We're not serious about anything. We have no official partnerships with other blogs or podcasts or companies and that's the way things are going to stay. We don't participate in bullshit like Azeroth United to raise our profile and prove to the world how nice and what good people we are. No gimmicky contests allowed to bring about an influx of leeches, users, and other general lazy-eyed scumbags. No dumbing down our writing or writing about where our favorite pond is in World of Warcraft to take screenshots. If you're a fan of the blog, you're in on the joke.

Sure, we do Tweet about our posts from time to time, and yes, in rare instances they are re-tweeted! I have even been known to secretly submit links to this blog to such places as, or sites like Blog Azeroth, and yes we'd still like to get a spoof show going possibly with Tristan of The Elitists, but those reach-outs are usually few and far between. The laughs we get writing faux-intellectually about World of Warcraft is all the compensation we'll ever need!

But today is Follow Friday. There are two sites I'd like to recommend:

The Big Lead
If you haven't already heard of The Big Lead, it is a very cool, unbeholden US-based sports site. Has nothing to do with World of Warcraft. You get honest takes with no agenda other than the writer's personal bias, which is what we love. Now, like us, you'll probably disagree when they try to compare Urban Meyer's 48-hour flip flop over health reasons to Brett Favre's 4-year, 8-month and ongoing childish will-he-or-won't he retire gimmick that he tried to use to get himself traded to a better team, but there's always something interesting to talk about and consider there.

For The Lore
Nice clean site. Not just WoW-centric, not just MMO-centric. Story-driven games. I am the target audience and I like it!

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