Wednesday, January 6, 2010

UWoW Meet-Up: Princeton, NJ, This Friday!

A couple of people asked me about this last winter when we were first getting started, so now nearly a year later and with absolutely no interest we thought this would be a great time to hold our first ever UWoW meetup at the Ivy Inn in Princeton, NJ this Friday, January 8!

The Ivy Inn is an outstanding townie dive bar known for cheap drinks and they don't serve food, so come thirsty! They do, of course, allow you to bring in food from the outside and enjoy it at your leisure. The world famous Hoagie Haven, along with favorite local greasepit George's are within walking distance. And if that isn't your speed you could get Chinese at Ivy Garden or sushi at Tomo Sushi or Indian at Kaluri Corner which are all quite close-by.

Melissa and I should be there, Pete is still unconfirmed. If you feel like chatting WoW, or about WoW podcasts, or about ideas for future WoW-related projects, come have a frosty beverage or two. For this outing you must be 21-years old to attend with valid proof of age. They are supremely strict about not serving minors at the Ivy, it just doesn't happen there.

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