Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New You?

I'm very keen to give the new WoW Insider Show a listen since the abrupt departures of Mike Schramm and The Turpster from the podcast. Like most regular listeners, we were completely taken by surprise by the news and interested to see if the remaining staff takes the show in a new direction.

A long while ago I made the comment that the WoW Insider Show was a confused show. Back then you'd have these intricate breakdowns on hunter mechanics by Big Red Kitty followed by 10 minutes of crying about how Noblegarden wasn't fair. It was weird. And of course, you had the random crapshoot of what would be the top article on the blog over the last week. God forbid you'd be stuck listening when it was patch week. Or patch notes hitting the PTR. Or patch anything.

But ever since Pete pointed out that Mike tends to slightly rephrase questions he's just asked as if the questioned person can't understand the first time (ie. in quick succession: "What have you been up to lately in the World of Warcraft? Have you been up to anything good in World of Warcraft lately?") I've sort of had a soft spot for Schramm-wow.

As far as this blog, Pete, Melissa and I are still getting our own house back in order as you've no doubt noticed from the type of infrequent, non-themed posts going up. I have to admit its been pretty tough trying to get back into the regular groove of listening to these shows, especially since the three of us are each listening to more podcasts on our individual lists since the departures of Fred and Toothy. Actually that's untrue. It's been hard to bring myself to write about many of them. It almost feels like wasted words.

Pete has expressed on multiple occasions that he was very pleased with some of the changes made by the Casually Hardcore crew. He basically is the target audience for that show (many could argue, rightly, that I am too) and really likes the job they are doing.

Melissa has been doing some scouting of up-and-coming or new shows, while I've been clearing out the old, re-compiling our master list, updating all of our internal subscriptions, doing outreach to other blogs and podcasters, etc..

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