Monday, January 11, 2010

Up And At Um

We're getting into the groove again this week, or at least I am! I'll be taking a quick two-night trip to Detroit but there'll be plenty of down time at the airports to listen to podcasts - especially if it continues to snow out in Michigan!

Excited to see exactly what folks are up to these days.

The first ever UWoW meetup was a rousing success! No one showed up so it wasn't awkward at all. Melissa, Pete and I discussed many things like events from world history, current events, the success of the movie Avatar, Howard Stern, the ascension of China, English football, the NFL playoffs, stuffy Princeton people, townies, Carl Jung's book "Aion" and the Aion MMO, Walt Whitman, and farts. The drink specials there were fantastic - $2 for 20-ounce Miller Lites was my poison of choice. I could drink a bucket of that stuff and still be fine for the walk home.

Luckily it's a short walk.

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