Thursday, February 26, 2009

In the Chamber: World of Warcast; Live Instance Tonight

The only new WoW podcast to come down the pike this morning when I fired up the ol' iTunes was Episode 78 of World of Warcast so pretty excited to give it a listen now that the wave of Love is in the Air episodes should be over. Toothy said via text that he wants to do a Quick Hit on it and said he feels some pressure to give the first bad review after what he said were "soft touches" from Melissa and Pete Pete. Toothy has said on numerous occasions that aside from being a dentist the whole reason he chose the name "Toothy" was specifically "because my reviews are going to have bite."

So I don't know if he's going to actually be serious or if his entire review is going to be satire or what he has in store for us but surely it will be uniquely Toothy. And I should probably just apologize to Starman and Renata up front so many apologies for the yet unwritten!

Just saw a Tweet from Scott Johnson that there will be a new Instance podcast tonight so be sure to check that out live. Barring unforseen circumstances a couple of us will probably be lurking around the live chat (as usual) so be sure to say hi!

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