Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In the Works!

Lots of good stuff underway behind the scenes here at UWoW so I wanted to post a quick update since Jim hasn't approved any of the reviews for the site yet.

This weekend the five of us went on a trip to New York City and basically just wandered around. We stopped into Generation Records on Thompson Street to make sure it was still there. Apparently while Jim was an aspiring hardcore fan he used to buy Krishna hardcore there. And I had always wanted to go there because while growing up in California I had heard about how integral NYC, Generation Records and the late, great CBGBs had been to the punk scene. Next we grabbed a drink at Toothy's suggestion at Nevada Smiths which is an English football pub on 3rd Avenue even though he wasn't allowed to drink due to his age (he had a coffee). We spent some of the afternoon browsing the books at Shakespeare & Co. on Broadway and had an amazing lunch at the Cub Room. And what would a trip to NYC be for a bunch of RPG geeks without a stop at The Compleat Strategist?

Basically, we spent a lot of the weekend away from World of Warcraft, if you can believe that! We still had a few organizational issues that were up in the air that we wanted to discuss in person. Like, will each of us author a weekly column? How many reviews exactly are we going to do per week? Should each of the five of us have a pool of specific podcasts that only we listen to or should we rotate reviewers so different points of view are always being represented? We came to some understandings for the basic framework but haven't solidified anything yet. We hope you'll send us your thoughts on the issues as well either through comments or via email as we'd love for it to be a collaborative experience.

Melissa says that she is going to have a first pass at a logo ready for us soon. She has been consulting with someone about some design ideas and also trying some out herself. Since she's not a professional graphic designer it's taking a bit of a time investment on her part but she's up for the challenge. I think she wants to put up a couple of works-in-progress so we can all have our say on which we like best.

And Jim has another update coming about "The Code," which we were able to get into a bit more detail about since the five of us had time together at the weekend. Essentially we're thrusting Jim into the leadership role whether he wants it or not. Of course I think he is just feigning modesty (this whole blog is his idea after all) and he's secretly angling to be the "star" attraction in a blog with few readers. But, as you'll hear later, The Code should help stop his mad scramble for power (at least, in theory)!

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