Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More on "The Code"

We've been refining The Code and we've agreed to set it up like this for now (keep in mind this is always in flux):

#1 There shall be a 100% honesty guarantee among the UWoW members. In other words, when we address each other either in person or otherwise we are required to be brutally honest with each other and we've agreed not to take it personally. Taking it personally shall be considered a violation of The Code.

#2 During the week (Monday through Friday) we will make all efforts not to speak with each other in person. Email communications of 5,000 words or less are acceptable, as are quick texts. There shall be exceptions for brief greetings such as "hey" or "hello" so as not to be rude but no sustained conversations will be tolerated. Extended conversations either in-person or on the phone and electronic notes above the email word limit shall be considered violations of the code.

#3 On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) it shall be permissible to speak with other UWoW members either in person or on the phone, or in emails longer than 5,000 words. This is not a requirement but an option.

#4 The Code can be amended at any time by a majority vote. Jim shall always get the last vote to act as tiebreaker but he will also be given an opportunity to voice his feelings about an issue prior to any votes being cast. Unless he violates The Code repeatedly Jim will remain the tiebreaker until he gives it up on his own accord.

#5 Any violation of the code means the offending party must post a "Respect 'The Code,' Man!" post admitting their guilt and outlining their plan to make amends.

#6 Repeated violations of The Code will lead to the suspension of writing privileges here at UWoW and possible excommunication (this includes Jim [or whoever is "the tiebreaker"]).

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