Friday, February 27, 2009

Quick Hits: World of Warcast #78

25th February, 2009

As has been mentioned on this blog we're all burned out listening to Love is in the Air talk and I was hoping I'd be able to avoid it here since the event had ended but no dice. After just two minutes Renata said Love is in the Air has caused a lot of bellyaching and then Starman basically went off on the Random Number Generator for about 15 minutes. I tried to zone out during this time. The inclusion of Cryler on the show was a little disorienting for me; I've heard World of Warcast in the past and think I prefer it when Renata speaks of Cryler and he takes on this sort of mythical presence in my mind. He seemed a little too humble for me.

Disliked the three of them then giggling during Starman's story of playing "who's the noob" during the first corner in Ramparts. Just dislike that attitude in general I'm the sort to clue the new player in so everyone can improve. And then he's like "and I try not to be a jerk" in this whiny exasperated tone that sort of sounds like what a jerk might say. He went on to say later when speaking about being frustrated by sensible and suspicious PUG'ers daring to question his credentials as a player that he wasn't being obnoxious because other obnoxious people had cried about it on the WoW forums and everyone else was just ignorant. Sounds a little harsher when I type that then it sounded though, keep in mind.

That whole time from about 20 minutes until 40 minutes I would have cut as they're just ragging on new or unskilled players or how overpowered Death Knights are. Renata defined "noob" as someone "who was ignorant and preferred to stay that way." I doubt it's always quite so simple. What if you're in Jim's boat and all your friends are horrible in the game and you can't find a proper mentor? He's a level 80 noob then, despite his best honest effort.

Starman makes a decent point about Death Knight professions though and how silly it is that you have to start from 0, "a hero that apparently did nothing" is I believe how he put it which put a smile on my face.

Renata did a nice bit on Borean Tundra which is a new server that opened within the last three months although I was a bit disappointed about the ending, which was just that the economy eventually normalized just like every other realm and people started to twink alts with their 80s. Not sure what the shock there was.

Had to shake my head. An hour still left on the podcast. I wasn't feeling it.

Summary: Didn't make it past 45 minutes. I got depressed for some reason when Renata said "I did every trick I could think of and some that I didn't even know that I had" when bragging about healing Scarlet Monestary on a Shadow-specced priest. Will try again at a later date; maybe it was the rain today.

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  1. Yea, latest World of Warcast was painful. I also didn't make it very far.