Thursday, February 12, 2009

Introductions... (a spoiler)

The UWoW team are busy on their first assignments - filling out a really brief "bio" to introduce themselves to our readers, tell about their WoW Experience and their favorite WoW podcast at the moment.

I think you'll be surprised and pleased at the diversity present in our cozy five-person team. As a bit of a teaser we range in age from 18-70 (years) and range in experience from someone who hates World of Warcraft (and still plays) to someone who has never played to a couple of highly obsessed and addicted raiders. We all subscribe to the theory that a higher, more meaningful exchange of ideas comes from people of different backgrounds and life experiences rather than the stale, polite consensuses that are usually reached by people with similar life stories to tell.

In an effort to be completely honest and avoid unfairly influencing each others' opinions we have decided to attempt not speaking with each other in person unless completely necessary. That alone should lead to some fantastic creativity and, of course, we will speak with each other when we launch the podcast!

All for now, enjoy the matches!

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