Friday, February 20, 2009

Mailbag: Our First (Real) Email!

Here's our first actual email:

Hi -

Just saw your blog looks okay some of the posts are long. Are you going to do a top 10 listing of podcasts?

Michael, horde on Crush Ridge

We've been wondering the same thing ourselves. I'm going to do my best Tim Lovejoy impression now and say to you, Michael, such a list would be so subjective, Michael, that it might not be worth it, Michael. Don't you agree, Michael?

Honestly I think Jim is against the idea and if he's against it then I should be for it just so he can see what it's like being contrary all the time. But I do understand the gaffer's line of thinking on this one who wants a whole mess of petty squabbles and headaches over something that's supposed to be fun? I mean, I could imagine some dumb ranking list overtaking the whole focus of the blog and I don't think any of us really wants that.

Now that the five of us can speak with each other again I reckon we'll find out yea nor nay on the whole list idea. If I had to wager I think we might do a list based on our review scores every once in a while but nothing like a weekly Top 10 list. We do still have lives outside of this and also need to play the game too!

Jim said he had a few emails I think he misremembered about that because that's the only one I saw.

Cheers, Toothy

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