Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quick Hits: Epic Dolls Welcomes Katerina

15th February, 2009

Bad timing for me to be looking to review Epic Dolls as Leala was away and new co-host Katerina had to debut all on her own. I have only ever heard bits and pieces of previous Epic Dolls episodes and without them having their full team together I felt it would be a bit unfair to do a full-out review of the podcast right now so here's a "Quick Hit."

What I did hear from Salty Kat sounded great. She seemed very comfortable behind the microphone and you could certainly hear her natural enthusiasm for World of Warcraft in her voice. She didn't seem nervous to me and despite her saying that it was the first time she had ever podcasted she actually sounded like she had been there plenty of times before. I thought it was really classy that in the opening three minutes she recounted listening to a bit from The Grind as they were speaking about Rae, the person that Kat is replacing on Epic Dolls, and what big shoes Kat has to fill. Kat was highly complimentary of Rae and disclosed that Rae is the only podcaster that Kat has ever sent a fan email to! Now that's the proper way to introduce yourself!

Nice to hear that Kat is into fishing. While I know many people seem to think fishing is the deadliest snooze-fest in the game, duller than, say, grinding 20 slow-respawning mobs for a quest turn-in, I have been doing a lot of fishing on my Blood Elves lately so maybe some tips from Kat will rub off. I think it would be nice if she did a little fishing corner of the show even though I might be in the minority on that. I think the thing I really like the most about fishing right now is that you always have this little hint of excitement in the knowledge that at any given time you could get the rarest of the rare catch! Keep hope alive!

Is there a podcast out there dedicated to fishing in WoW? Does that Eli's Extreme Anglin' guy do a show? Please let me know if so.

Otherwise an Epic Dolls with a solo Kat doing her first show went by like a breeze. Some of the same information/speculation we heard on dual specs from other places was also present here but anytime the game is patched or the PTR goes up information is always immediately outdated. So there's a little of that going on in this episode if you're wondering about repeat-ability but part of that is my fault for listening 10 days after release.

Summary: Kat's introduction is worth the listen. Extra points for use of the word "spoonerism."

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