Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome to UWoW!

UWoW is the Underground World of Warcraft blog. We liken ourselves to an olde tyme speakeasy where if you show up and play by our rules we welcome you with open arms!

The main mission of UWoW is to be a fly in the ointment of the typical snobbery found around the World of Warcraft community. Yes, we're going to be a bit snobbish ourselves in that if you can't drop your pretenses here in the Underground Lounge and act like a normal person then you're not welcome. But we think that a small bit of hypocrisy in this area is a fair trade-off to avoid drama and will overall contribute to the greater good ("the greater good!").

We have flagged the UWoW blog for Adult Content and you should have had to acknowledge this when you first came here. While we certainly will not be "working blue" on a regular basis we are reserving the right to do so at our discretion. Essentially we don't want to have to put limits on the topics we write and speak about, be they something someone may find offensive or not.

Similarly we do not encourage the use of foul language in our posts and in your reader comments, especially using expletives as adjectives. We reserve the right to edit any and all posts we feel are using adult language gratuitously or hurtfully.

As of right now we have decided as a group not to use the approval filter for reader comments and would like to keep it that way and the only way that can happen is if you police yourself. Otherwise we will make changes to the blog and posting privileges. No inflammatory direct attacks, especially those containing malicious comments about gender, race, religion, age, or sexuality, will be tolerated. Gnome-bashing, though, while not officially endorsed is still allowed and even appropriate in certain circumstances.

We are in very early days here, just using a default format and the Blogger site to test the waters. We have several very kind offers for private hosting of the blog and for that we are truly grateful. We will be investigating all opportunities as we move forward but are content in our humble beginnings.

We're planning to launch the UWoW podcast in the coming months and preparations are already underway. Right now the idea is that we're going to run "seasons" of 10 episodes each to help avoid burnout. During the "season" the podcast will come out fairly quickly and then there will be an extended break during a dark period for us to make changes to the show, etc.. Then we'll come back refreshed for another 10 shows. At least, that's the initial plan. In this way we can help keep that vital balance between RL & WoW.

Thank you and welcome,
Jim Surge and the entire UWoW team (Fred Jones, Melissa Muromets, Toothy, and Pete Pete).

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