Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone that came out for the first "Dark Episode" of the UWoW Underground Lounge.

Despite a fantastic high school writing teacher who long ago warned me never to use the phrase "a good time was had by all" because invariably someone was sitting there miserable, we all had a great time and were especially pleased that our test audience was so blown away. Of course, what else would we expect from a hand-selected group of reviewers that includes nothing but family and friends?!

Jim reports that we've actually received a couple of legitimate emails and he'll be handling that side of things for the time being although I believe that Toothy is very interested in taking over reader/listener email and we've all but agreed to let him do it. The only fear is that Toothy probably won't be particularly serious when answering mail but we're hoping that will turn into a good thing. Otherwise we'll have no problem reverting back to Jim's more sober style.

That's about all for now. Fred has gathered our five mini-bios and is putting them into a more coherent format to post later today. There were also some great podcasts recently and we're excited to start writing about them! I know Melissa was lurking for last night's All Things Azeroth and reports good things despite some technical glitches where co-host Graece was dropped a few times but in all everything went pretty well.

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