Friday, February 13, 2009

Mailbag: Our First Email!

The good folks at Microsoft sent us this fantastic welcome note as congratulations for launching our blog and for choosing their free email service:

From: Windows Live Hotmail Member Services (
Sent: Wed 2/11/09 2:12 PM

Welcome! Here are 3 tips to help you get started with Windows Live Hotmail.

  1. Store all of your contacts in one easy place by importing contacts from other e-mail services into your Windows Live Hotmail® contact list.
  2. Select the layout of your Hotmail reading pane - right, bottom, or off.
  3. Personalize Hotmail with one of several design themes. Click on the "Options" menu in the upper right hand corner of any Hotmail page to see the theme choices.
Don't forget to add - the page where you can sign in to Hotmail - to your browser's list of favorites or bookmarks.
Did you know that you can use your Hotmail address and password to sign in to other great Windows Live services like Messenger (the world's most popular instant messaging service), and SkyDriveTM (which provides you free online storage space for your files)?
Thank you for using Windows Live Hotmail!
The Windows Live Hotmail Team
Still reading? :-) Here's some additional information on Windows Live Hotmail.
It's personal touches like this that reassure us we're doing the right thing with our blog. We suspect Mr. Gates is reading this right now so, Mr. Gates, we'd like to thank you personally for creating computers and various other things, and especially for thanking us for using Windows Live Hotmail. Bravo all around!

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