Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Greater Good: Reintroductions

There have been a ton of new eyeballs checking out the blog, no doubt thanks to Totalbiscuit who according to Fred gave us a very flattering review on yesterday's Blue Plz! Fred reported that he was also treated like a rock star in the IRC and wanted to thank everyone for their positivity and support. He'll be writing about the experience in his next Delayed Recall column. I can't say how happy everyone here is to know that what we're doing is seen as worthwhile (or if not worthwhile at least decently written!). But of course it won't blunt our keyboard when reviewing WoW Radio shows (blunt our keyboard? I'll work on it, hopefully you get the drift), which is I hope what you might expect from us.

For you new readers, welcome! In case you don't feel like going back and reading the whole blog (although there's some funny stuff hidden away there I think) here's a little state of the blog address as I see it.

Generally UWoW is going to be a Monday through Friday blog, in that we'll always post at least one post each day Monday-Friday, even if it's just me doing In the Chamber. We're not requiring anyone to write on the weekends although from time-to-time something might appear, especially from Fred who has less schedule restrictions. Here's what we're up to:

Quick Hits: Short reviews of a few paragraphs. Just one take on one episode.
A Longer Look: Longer reviews considering multiple episodes. Can be as long or as short as the author needs.
In the Chamber: A daily column I write recounting what hit the iTunes that morning, what I've listened to, likely upcoming reviews, and whatever tidbits that the other writers have passed along to me.
The Greater Good: A weekly column I write which gives the general status of the blog and common themes from that week's podcasts.
Transcribing Master: A regular column written by Pete Pete where he looks for the hidden meaning behind the "actual words."
Delayed Recall: A weekly column written by Fred where he listens to a podcast, doesn't take any notes, and then tries to write about it a few days later just from memory.
Mailbag: This is meant to be a weekly column written by Toothy, but of course is dependent on mail. :-)
7 Questions For...: A regular interview column with bloggers and podcasters put togther by Melissa.

So things are looking pretty good but it's early days, things could always turn into a complete disaster at any moment. Thanks for reading and we hope you'll keep it up!

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  1. Pull no punches. I'd be expect nothing less.