Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In the Chamber: Mention Number 5!

Three has been the magic number lately, and that's where we find ourselves again this morning:

Outlandish Episode 53 - 03-16-09 [explicit]
Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 106 - Working Day and Night
WoW Insider Show Episode 81 - Same Place, New Time

Another great mention of the blog by Aprillian of Ctrl Alt WoW right at the beginning of the latest episode. You can read her very insightful interview with Melissa right here.

By my account that makes FIVE mentions of the blog this week by various shows which is pretty darn impressive. Thanks to the podcasters out there who have been so supportive it means a lot to us.

The WoW Insider Show broadcast last Wednesday as an experiment for listeners that can't make the live show on Saturdays but they delayed the release of the episode until yesterday (which isn't really a "delay," it's the day they normally release their new shows). Turpster is obviously a very popular member of the WoW community if the final poll results over at How I WoW are any gauge, but it was nice to hear some different voices on WoW Insider. Pete Pete says he's working on a Quick Hit today, and someone will be giving Casually Hardcore the once over since they had their full team back.

We also added a new show to the rotation, Episode 4 of The Elitists has been downloaded and so we'll be checking them out and letting you know what we think. Regardless, nice to see new shows launching there are a couple of really good new shows making some inroads these days.

All for now... some actual reviews today!

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  1. Oh my now I'm nervous and pressured to perform. Let's hope I meet your standards. Enjoy the Elitists