Monday, March 16, 2009

In the Chamber: Podcasts, Podcasts Podcasts!

Yes our supposed weekend break is over... good morning (or afternoon, etc.). A random emailer asked so I'll tell you that the five of us are all located in New Jersey, USA, living in the same town (although not with each other as far as I know) so we are using EST which is GMT -5. That's why, Rick, my morning In the Chamber column hits you in the middle of the afternoon.

As was pointed out to me by Pete Pete, I usually come back on Monday and then have a whole load of podcasts that I tell everyone just hit that morning. That's because I don't refresh my iTunes to check for new podcasts on the weekend. Pete does, and he said that what I was doing was actually a disservice to shows that were putting up episodes the day after their live broadcast.

So, I suppose on some level he's right. And while there's no way I can commit to posting every single day of the year I can check what shows came on which day and note them on Monday, eh? So here ya go:

Blue Plz! Season 3 Episode 22 - 7 and a half Raiders
WoW Things Considered - It writes it's self
Yet Another World of Warcraft Podcast Episode 36 - Browned! [explicit]

Rawrcast - #10 Rawrcast "Lore & Stuff" [explicit]
Starting World of Warcraft podcast Holiday Show #20 - Diabolo 3?
MaxSpeed - Pi Day, Wish it was Cake Day

Monday AM
World of Warcraft Podcast Video Episode 100 - PvP Day: Strand of the Ancients
Casually Hardcore - Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
Proudmoore Pansies - Episode 29 [explicit]

There you go - all broken out nicely (by day) so you can see who's posting shows when. Ya? Now your brain won't hurt thinking 9 podcasts all came out late Sunday night.

I've also received some reports of fantastic mentions of the blog on some recent podcasts thanks mostly to our friend Hatfield who sneaks into IRCs and then secretly emails me all the dirt! I'm really pleased that folks are responding so well to our endeavor here. Mentioning UWoW on your show, though, is not going to win you any favor with us when it comes to review time but I'll do my best to give you a shout out in this little column or elsewhere on the blog. I hope by now you've realized we pretty much like all of these shows for one reason or another, even if some of the episodes are unlistenable.

Proudmoore Pansies
, Blue Plz!, Rawrcast, and Octale and Hordak vs. the World all mentioned us this week... so a huge THANK YOU to the community for being so supportive. Octale apparently led a live thread-jacking of my Friday In the Chamber post where I shamelessly begged for comments from our readers like a hyperactive doctor without enough patients to treat. Octale gets a victory here, it's more than a fair point and I humbly and embarrassingly accept a healthy amount of defeat. But I'm not sure what makes me sadder, the fact that I begged for comments or the fact that Octale only has about 30 listeners willing to listen to him. ;-)

More to come... IN THE FUTURE!

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