Thursday, March 19, 2009

Respect "The Code," Man!

Plenty to say but I'll keep this brief. I find myself here today facing the boards in clear violation of The Code. There are two offenses as far as I can see:

1) After noticing a reader comment I became upset and personally offended that Jim inserted a typo into a post I made here on the blog. This is a clear violation of the first article of The Code which states in normal language that we're not supposed to take anything that is said or happens here personally. Not only that, I forgot that Jim told us in-person about the "mini-game" he intended to play here weeks ago and for that I apologize.

2) I broke The Code's second article about not contacting other UWoW members by phone during the week. I called Melissa who apparently texted Jim before she even answered my call because as soon as she picked up I got a text from Jim saying "busted!" I was busted. It was my second violation of The Code and it happened literally seconds after the first violation.

What worries me most is that I didn't think twice about the second violation. I guess I figured that since I was already done by my first violation that a second wouldn't really make much difference. How wrong I was.

Fred called a vote to see if I should be kicked off the blog for two violations in quick succession. During that vote Fred was the only one who voted me off, Jim, Melissa, and Toothy all voted that I stay. I had a vote too... and once I had a decent idea that I would be allowed to stay I made the stupid gesture of saying I should go. Which brought about a second vote. This time it was 4-to-1 that I stay, with Fred the only dissenter.

I asked Fred a couple of times why he seemed to have it in for me and he assured me I had it wrong and that it wasn't the case he wanted me out. "That's the sort of GM I am," he said, "if this were a Pendragon campaign you'd already be dead." I hate GMs like that.

Anyway - loyal readers of UWoW, and Jim, Melissa, Fred, and Toothy, I apologize to you. I shall do my best not to let it happen again.

Let the flogging commence.


  1. I don't tolerate losers Peter. I had to have a few emails with Jim today because I almost left once I heard he was going to keep you. You being all smug and insincere doesn't help your cause either.

    Just remember this... Jim almost voted against you. And if he did, Melissa would have too and you'd be gone. Show a little respect.

  2. Where's this coming from Fred? I thought there were errors in your Delayed Recall that you had to fix, right?

    Pete's a drama-queen to be sure but let's just leave it at that and move on.

  3. Fred, why do you assume that I'd just go along with whatever Jim says? Maybe if you had made a more compelling argument rather than "two violations" over and over again I would have sided with you. I listened to both you and Jim, and Jim made the most sense.