Friday, March 13, 2009

Tasty Nuggets: Should Guilds Foot Your Dual Spec Bill?

This is just an idea... very much in the conceptual stage. Mining a little pearl from the depths of a podcast and giving you very brief Tasty Nuggets to discuss completely out of context! Of course, that phrase doesn't quite work since you don't mine pearls in WoW (and since I don't think it's a sentence) but who cares, right? In the post-modern world there are no rules!

But seriously, the latest World of Warcast. I thought it was a lot better than its been recently although the guest they had in there lost my interest when he was rambling on about something. I think he was one of those people who explain something and then explain the same thing again in similar but different language as if I didn't get it the first time and when that happens I glaze over like a freshly basted turkey.

Anyway, that aside I did say the show was good and they got onto a really interesting idea regarding dual specs that I think is worth repeating and that idea is that guilds should be responsible for footing the 1,000 gold bill for dual-speccing. It never really occurred to me, but it's a fascinating topic. What if you're happy with your spec but your guild needs you to be more flexible for instancing/raiding? I'm interested to hear other thoughts on this topic.


  1. I don't think your guild should pay your respec cost. I think you can make enough gold to pay for your own.

  2. NO!!! They should not, people should be able to get that money on their ow!!!

  3. My guild is currently selling all BoE epics we find in raids to raise gold, as we did in TBC. This is, however, not to be wasted on dual speccs.
    We're a pretty serious raiding guild so instead of handing people their dual speccs, we intend to spend the guild by enabling guild repairs when we progress in ulduar.
    If we want someone to respecc we'll pay em the 100g if they don't have dual speccs, which is unlikely for a hybrid who'll want dual speccs no matter what, even outside guild events. If a 25 man guild has to pay 1000g for their 35 regular raiders, that's a lot of gold that couldve been spent on more important things.
    Dual speccs aren't vital for progress, keeping your armor repaired is.


  4. Absolutely not. In the early days of BC, when the benchmark of ZOMGrich was 5000g for epic flying (which took weeks to earn by doing all 6 of the original daily quests) it was fine for the guild to foot the bill if they needed someone to respec. My guild did that when we needed a pally tank for Hyjal, not a big deal. Currently however gold is just too easy to come by. Even if you spend most of your time raiding and have little time for dailies, you can still raise 1000g very easily. I think dual spec should be viewed the same as flasks, food, and reagents; if you know you'll need it for raid, show up with it.