Friday, March 6, 2009

In the Chamber: Zilch, Zero, Nada

Well since none of our usual podcasts showed up in the ol' iTunes this morning I can continue to change "In the Chamber" to "The Daily Disclaimer" and wax on about how we are consciously writing each review in a vacuum and how we really are rooting for these shows to do well (we're not masochists and prefer not to listen to hours worth of garbage just so we can write a bad review). We try to be as fair as we can be without calling ourselves objective, because obviously each of our personal makeups plays a part in our review.

Mainly this is for the podcasters out there that we review and the readers checking us out, a bad review of a single episode doesn't mean we dislike the show as a whole. Nor will we ever discourage someone from listening to a show. What we write is simply our opinion on that day. What qualifies us to lend our opinion? Well, we listen. A lot. And have been listening. A lot. And we take notes. Lots of them.

Well no new shows today is fine with us though because it'll give us a chance to look at a couple of shows we've wanted to write about but haven't yet. We're going to hold off until the regular hosts are back before Quick Hitting Casually Hardore or All Things Azeroth, although Medros must have edited out all of the times Stompalina called Matticus cute because we heard that live but didn't hear it when the episode dropped. Stomp sounded like she had a great time though!

Fred will be in the IRC for today's Blue Plz! so if you see him please say hello! He's listening for his next Delayed Recall column which may actually appear on Sunday.

And in the interest of full disclosure I am making edits around the blog when appropriate to some of the other writers' work here (everyone has agreed). Mostly just grammar and phrasing but I'm also trying to be very conscious of the tone of our reviews and want to make sure we aren't ever mean for the sake of being mean (although with our group of intelligent writers I doubt major edits will ever be necessary). I hope you'll all afford us the same courtesy in your comments.

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