Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Greater Good: Weekend Edition

For all of you new readers I explained a bit last week about how the blog is currently set up and running. We're not normally going to post on the weekends but every once in a while, like now (and last Saturday, actually), we'll throw something up if time allows or some other compelling factor drives us.

I received a request last night to give an updated list of the shows we're listening to. We've actually just dropped four podcasts that haven't had new episodes in a while or may very well have already been canceled so we could clear up a little space on the iPod and they were: The Craft of War (last show 12/20/08), Women of Warcraft Vidcast (9/10/08), WoW Factor (1/17/08), and World of Theorycraft (8/29/08). So, we definately won't be writing about those anytime soon but if they come back I'm sure someone will spot it or alert us and we'll be glad to put them back into the rotation.

It was an interesting week at the blog I think. I thought Melissa's "7 Questions For..." column turned out a lot better than I thought it would, and no doubt that's in large part to Aprillian from Ctrl Alt WoW whose thoughtful answers and advice should be of great value to any aspiring podcasters out there. But when I say I thought it was an interesting week we didn't really review many podcasts this week. We were more of a general resource for the WoW podcast community. I think we're trying to strike the balance between writing our original columns and listening to and reviewing shows so don't worry, we'll have it sorted out soon-like. We might just have a couple of us reviewing and a couple doing the other columns, we haven't decided yet. But more importantly, if an asteroid hit the planet we'd just have to deal with it at that time. No excuses.

I can't speak for everyone but here are the shows I've got:

All Things Azeroth
Bind on Equip
Ctrl Alt WoW
Elune's Grace Podcast
Epic Dolls
The Grind Podcast
How I WoW
The Instance
Proudmoore Pansies
Starting World of Warcraft
The Warcraft Outsiders
World of Warcast
World of Warcraft Video Podcast
WoW Insider Show
WoW Radio: Blue Plz!
WoW Radio: Casually Hardcore
WoW Radio: Essence of RP
WoW Radio: MaxSpeed
WoW Radio: Octale and Hordak vs the World
WoW Radio: PUG
WoW Radio: The Happy Hour Tavern
WoW Radio: Warcraft Anonymous
WoW Radio: WoW Things Considered
Yet Another World of Warcraft Podcast

By no means is this a complete list. Any omissions are just out of ignorance on our part and not any sort of "editorial decision." If you have a favorite WoW podcast (or host your own) just leave a comment or shoot us a note and we'll get it into the rotation.

Some good stuff this week in WoW podcast land... I wonder if we are at the apex of a WoW junkie's dreamworld right now or if there can possibly be more expansion to come in the communitiy's future? I think a lot of people who have stuck with playing World of Warcraft have always had one eye over their shoulder wondering about what's going to happen "next," when (and I'll try to write this in hushed tones) the game is overtaken in the market by something else and I (pretend you can barely read this last bit) lose interest in WoW. It's even been the theme of discussion on podcasts joking they were going to immediately switch to being a Star Wars: The Old Republic podcast one week out of nowhere and just keep the show going! I'll have to give that a little more thought for next week's Greater Good. Until then, down with pictures, up with text!


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  2. These podcasts are great accompaniment for the leveling process. I've listened to the vast majority of these wow-themed podcasts. I've been listening to World of Warcast off and on for ages now and am happy to see them still around. These days I've been playing WoW a a lot less after seeing the majority of the content and am finding I am trimming my subscriptions. Right now I'm only listening to WoW Radio's Blue Plz. It's entertaining regardless of my commitment to the game, whereas many others come off as much more dry. I love Total Biscuit's rants, definitely recommendable to anyone remotely interested with the game.

  3. Hello my Name is Tristan and I am the creator / co-host of The Elitists Podcast. It's a big blizzard news show with lots of discussion and speculation. If you want to you can toss it on the pile.

  4. Thanks Tristan. Always interested to check out new shows thanks for the heads up we'll check it out sometime this week.

    Paul - I'm right there with you. For example, there are 80s in my guild that made it to exalted with Sons of Hodir and didn't know about Everfrost Chips until I mentioned them in guild chat the other day. I think I got that info from Ctrl Alt WoW a while back. Just something that simple literally shaved days off my Sons of Hodir grinding. The podcasts are a great resource, it's just sometimes you have to wade through two hours of rambling to get there!