Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nottingham Forest Forever!

I know we're a World of Warcraft blog, but I know we have a lot of European readers so maybe some of you can relate to my pain today. I've had to endure this 5-0 loss today at Turf Moor with the bloody ex-manager of Derby County Billy Davies standing there afterwards looking as if he's about to cry saying the club owes the fans an apology. The chairman owes us an apology for sacking Colin Calderwood and replacing him with Derby scum like you, Mr. Weepy. Now we are in a world of trouble looking to stay in the Championship for next season and this club cannot go back down to League One because then it truly is over and they're going to collapse and be forced to sell everyone off that has any ambition whatsoever. Yeah, yeah, lots of injuries but so does everyone this time of year to be fair. So frustrating to be building something good and then watch it slowly get torn right down in front of your face.

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