Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In the Chamber: Five More!

Five more podcasts loaded up this morning:

WoW Insider Show Episode 80 - Listen To Your Mom
The Instance #138 - The Hot Tub Episode
Outlandish Episode 52 - 2nd March, 2009
The Grind Podcast - The Thirty-Ninth Grind
Ctrl Alt WoW 105 - Dailies, Dailies, and more Dailies

All of the shows sound pretty good, no BRK on the WoW Insider Show but initial reports are that the show was solid as always. Michael Sacco was apparently a scene-stealer again in another good appearance. We tried to get in touch with BRK a week or so ago but we never heard back from him regarding future appearances on the show. Apparently the Outlandish guys are bored with the game until Blizzard adds new content, the Instance guys broadcasted from a hot tub, and Ctrl Alt WoW aired the second episode since they've converted to their new split format.

Next Quick Hits have been updated. We've decided to hold off on reviewing Ctrl Alt WoW since Melissa is going to have Aprillian for her "interview" column. More to come on the Proudmoore Pansies and Starting WoW podcasts as well.

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