Thursday, March 12, 2009

In the Chamber: The Number Shall Be Three

Three podcasts dropped this morning (insert "Ha Ha Ha" style laugh from Sesame Street's Count von Count).

One was The Grind Podcast, again. I just got the Thirty-Ninth Grind back on Tuesday, but nevertheless the Fortieth, dated 8th March, 2009 was there this morning.

I've said before that we sometimes experience the funk when dealing with the iTunes "refresh" when we check for new episodes each morning so if you happen to be a podcaster and we're not mentioning your show the morning after you've released one, please shoot us a note to clue us in. Usually between the five of us we're able to stay up on everything but I don't always hear from everyone first thing in the morning.

Aside from the Grind, a new Casually Hardcore titled Trying not to Fail was also there this morning and this show is in the crosshairs for the next Quick Hit.

And finally World of Warcast Episode #79 also dropped and we're eager to give that a listen.

Yesterday I listened to the latest Proudmoore Pansies, Episode 28 dated 9th March, 2009. I have to say I really am liking this show. As I mentioned once before they are basically just giving you a recap of what's been going on in their guild Pansy Division over on the Alliance side of the Proudmoore server so it's not really a show for everyone. But the way they come across as so relaxed and calm about everything they discuss makes me feel like I want to listen, and they had some fascinating stories about raiding and PUG dynamics, and honoring guild commitments this week that you could extrapolate and apply to your own guild or raiding experience. One of the co-hosts Galactyx is nearly an identical voice double for Randy Jordan a.k.a. Randy Deluxe of the Instance. I'd give them a listen if you haven't before, at least this episode. Our pal Hatfield reported that he registered at their website but he hasn't seen a lot of activity. Nate Arizona is Galactyx' co-host and they both appear to be officers for their guild.

Also started listening to The Essence of RP, which I apparently haven't heard in so long I forgot the hosts weren't Americans. More on that at another time.

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