Monday, March 9, 2009

In the Chamber: Lots of Goodies

Eight big shows in the queue this morning:

World of Warcraft Podcast Video
WoW Things Considered - Who's Watching the Watchmen Things Considered
Octale and Hordak vs. the World - I Might Be Porting Sewage, But At Least I'm Alone
Starting WoW Holiday Show #19 - Rant Show
Blue Plz! Season 3, Episode 20 - Takin' a Hit of the Arcane Dust
MaxSpeed - I'm A Cyborg But That's Okay
rawrcast - #9 rawrcast - Dirty South
Proudmoore Pansies - Episode 28

No doubt WoW Insider and Ctrl Alt WoW are soon to follow too as they usually are on Mondays. Speaking of Ctrl Alt WoW, looks like Aprillian has graciously agreed to be Melissa's first "interview" for the "7 Questions For..." column which is fantastic news. Thanks Aprillian!

Not much happened with us in-game or on the blog this weekend as real life intervened. Our friend Hatfield's daughter turned one year old on Saturday and Pete Pete and I were there to celebrate. And of course I kept trying to get him to agree to write for the blog, especially now that his daughter is one surely she's a bit more self-reliant than she's been! We'll see how that goes but for now Hat wants to remain anti-social and stay lurking as our "live reporter." Melissa unfortunatley spent a lot of the beautiful northeast weather this weekend in the library doing research for a paper but Fred was able to sneak in some birdwatching on Saturday and Sunday. Toothy was tied up showing his parents around town.

Fred's column is up next and a couple of Quick Hits to follow later today or tomorrow on shows we haven't had a chance to write about yet. We should also see our first "A Longer Look" next week so things continue to look good for the blog. Thanks for reading, that's all for now.

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