Thursday, March 26, 2009

In the Chamber: BoE & BP!

Two for your pleasure today:

Bind on Equip Episode 18 [explicit]

This past Tuesday Assault version of Blue Plz! is also now available over at WoW Radio for now while they get their archive sorted. I hear there's a classic rant on the unfairness of Blizzard requiring ad-on creators to remove an in-game donate button from all mods that culminates in his own take on the classic Martin Niemöller poem "First they came...."

Bind on Equip should be fun... I think I was listening to Epic Dolls yesterday and they said something that made me laugh... that Bind on Equip was a cute name for a podcast. And I think they were being serious. I'm pretty sure it was that show, one never knows really lately it seems a lot of the shows are blending together in my scrambled brain. But before I get caught in a cute vortex here and say something like "I thought it was cute that they thought it was cute," it was kind of cute that they thought it was cute. Sorry, haven't had any coffee yet.

By the way, Epic Dolls included a thoughtful discussion on this latest episode about being a good guildie and being a good guild leader. While what they cover might seem like common sense to most seasoned players in established, well-run guilds I think their discussion can probably be a great resource for new players or new GMs and officers regardless. Oftentimes it's the simplist things that people are or aren't doing that could avoid lots of drama so give them a listen and see what you think for yourself.

About the blog today, Pete Pete will finally get something up today... he's got a Quick Hit coming on Starting World of Warcraft that is done and approved but he's paranoid about me inserting errors into it so he's proofreading. :-) Toothy's been making a couple of slight changes to things he's previously written and I think there's more of that today from him. He also has one interesting email from someone wanting to revive the Alliance guild No Drama on Anvilmar-US, apparently our emailer is the last remaining member of the guild. It's really strange that of all of the emails we've received no one really comments on podcasts. They seem more interested in us personally, or interested in telling us about themselves!

Finally our resident blog hippie chick Melissa has uncovered a couple of new shows too and may have a "New on the Radar" or somesuch post ready for us today or tomorrow. I think the blog has had a little more bite this week which is encouraging and from what I've seen of this Mel isn't doing a fluff piece here.

FYI - the blog may be down for approximately 10 minutes later today as part of a rescheduled Blogger maintenance.


  1. So-o-o-o was BoE #18 cute? Please say no...please say no...please say no

    Or at least say - it wasn't the same with out The Wych ;)

  2. I didn't say BoE was cute... I think Epic Dolls did!

    I have heard #18 though (thank you for the shout by the way) and it wasn't the same without Wych (well, after the first 15 minutes of course). Ashayo did fine but you can tell the flow was just a little different. Toothy wants to review you guys so he's going to wait 'till the gangs all back together "for a fullie." Any show with a lot of genuine laughter is going to get a nice hearing here and your show has it in spades. Keep up the good work!

  3. You guys should do a review on Warcraft outsiders.

    I've heard one or's like people who barely play decided "The Instance" was too hardcore.

  4. The Instance is too hardcore? Do these guys play for like.. 7 minutes a week or something? :P You've got me curious now, I'll go have a listen.