Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In the Chamber: Outlandish

Good morning!

Outlandish Episode 51 dropped yesterday and was the lone podcast we picked up this morning.

Gave some of Proudmoore Pansies a listen yesterday and I thought what I heard sounded pretty good: decent-sounding, laid-back hosts which is right up my alley. I was a little nervous at the start of the show because the hosts were mulling over their waning enthusiasm for podcasting but it looks like the show will continue for the foreseeable future which seems like a good deal.

I've found little-to-no info on these guys (in fact, yesterday's In the Chamber came up as the 6th result on a Google search) as it seems they're lacking a web presence but I may not be looking in the right area. If you know more please email or comment.

It seems this podcast may be based around a guild on the Proudmoore server called Pansy Division. If the guild is anything like the band I'm assuming that they are a gay-friendly group but I haven't heard the whole show yet and can't confirm that.

Pete Pete's first Transcribing Master column obviously didn't appear yesterday. He said he delayed it because he wants to go back and re-listen to YAWOWP #51 and count the number of times Michael and Cody referred to their missing co-host Craig. So Pete's on that assignment today and we should see it soon.

Quick Hits are also to come, one from me on WoW Insider Show (I'm waiting for a response from BigRedKitty about why he appeared on the most recent episiode even though he's gone from WoW Insider, and if he'll be appearing again) and one from Melissa who's going to check in with the hardest working woman in the WoW-o-sphere Stompalina and her rawrcast #8 from a few days ago. If I don't hear from BRK relatively soon I'll probably move over to the latest Casually Hardcore which features just Gnomewise and Grail.

That's all for now; see you at the matches!

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