Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In the Chamber: The Streak Continues & Pete Pete Faces the Music!

Eureka! Three podcasts again! And to think we just experienced a very rare math holiday in Square Root Day back on 3/3/09 it must mean big cosmic happenings are happening, right? Regardless, while you may have 7 years to prepare for your next Square Root Day party you only have a few days to listen to these podcasts before new episodes come along to wash them away into the far reaches of our memory banks:

Octale and Hordak vs. the World - Wrath Content is Killing My Guild
Bind on Equip Episode 17 [explicit]
Essence of RP - Essence of Kex

On the blog today Toothy is finishing up a Quick Hit on the latest Casually Hardcore. He also said he's received a few more emails over the last couple of days so he might throw a Mailbag up too.

But the best thing that will happen today no doubt is that Pete Pete has not only admitted defeat he has to face the boards and acknowledge a violation of The Code that happened last night. In case you haven't been following I've been messing with people's posts here from time to time by inserting extra words or changing a phrase or messing up the puncuation to leave dangling modifiers or simply creating typoes. ;-)

When we decided to start this blog among our many ideas was that of a "living blog," the idea that older posts should be revisited, changed, arguments revised in a flowing way that reflects our maturation and changing ideas as we live and grow as people. So dynamic posts rather than static and frozen in time. What I've been doing isn't quite that, I've been "testing" the other four to see if they notice errors I insert in their drafts before they post it. Pete didn't notice yesterday, and then became genuinely upset over the whole thing because he's such a stickler about spelling.

So while I admit what I've been doing isn't quite "nice," I don't really care about that. I want everyone here to be responsible for what they post, not what they intended to post. That said, though, it should be nice to see Pete Pete humble himself (as if someone who calls himself Pete Pete needs further humbling). As the only one who has had to post a "Respect the Code, Man!" post thus far in the blog's short history I'm pleased Pete is following in my footsteps like the good soldier he is.

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