Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holy Cryptic Riddles Batman!

I got an email this evening which looks like a riddle so I thought I would share. It is from our local Princeton buddy Hatfield:

Quick; quite mum; I die notwithstanding.
I lived once, I live again. Everybody
lifts me, grips me, and chops off my head,
bites my bare body, violates me.
I don't bite a man unless he bites me;
there are many men who bite me.

I don't know the answer, bud. But thanks for the email.

By the way, I would say that Hat has sort of become our unofficial "live" correspondent. He was in The Instance chat with me the other night, and checked out Stompalina's PTR and the live All Things Azeroth for us. He won't be writing for us because of other commitments but will continue to contribute info to our reviews and help us out behind-the-scenes. He's pretty active on Twitter about his hunter on Anvilmar-US.

He and Jim should form a guild called "LevelEightyNoobs."


  1. The answer to these type of riddles are usually something very simple in my experience. I'll guess that the answer is a broccoli.

  2. So Fred, did he ever give you the answer?

  3. Sorry didn't see this until today.

    You are incorrect but you were on the right path. The answer is an onion. I guess that's what the whole "bites back" part is about. But of course there's usually a "dirty" answer to these riddles too you know. Hat didn't include it but if this is an Exeter riddle there is also a hidden sexual component.

  4. That was so not worth the payoff.