Thursday, March 5, 2009

In the Chamber: Elune's Grace & ATA

Two more podcasts dropped for our pleasure yesterday, Elune's Grace #85 titled "Building a Raid in the Plague Quarter" which sounds like a pretty interesting topic, and also All Things Azeroth #103 which features Medros with guest hosts Matticus from World of Matticus and WoW Insider and the ever-present Stompalina from rawrbitchroar and The Rawrcast Show filling in for regular co-host Graece.

We got a nice shout on Twitter today from Total Biscuit saying:

I can't wait to be torn apart by - - Finally a blog that objectively analyses podcasts.

That's just about exactly what we're gunning for but it's a tricky road to travel.

For example, Melissa has repeatedly proposed an interview column where she asks a number of questions from a WoW podcaster. Everyone except me seems to think this is a good idea so I've been outvoted 4-to-1. I don't think my objection is frivolous - I've said that if she does one of these "interviews" which are generally going to be positive spotlight-type pieces then there may be an unrealistic expectation that a review of that podcast is going to be favorable as well. And then what happens if we don't like the podcast that particular day? Probably all sorts of e-drama, precisely the sort of thing that might drive us into the Underground Lounge to escape. It's part of the reason I seem to put up a daily disclaimer (which this is in danger of becoming).

Anyway as I riff on the moral implications of engaging in quid pro quo it seems like the perfect place to mention that we do plan to oblige TB sooner rather than later on his request as I believe Fred will be taking in the next Blue Plz! live over at WoW Radio for his Delayed Recall column.


  1. It was a train wreck from the beginning, put together on the fly. Be gentle.

  2. Why? Put out a bad show, get a bad review. Put out a good show, get a good review. Makes sense to me. I wouldn't expect my listeners to forgive me if I put out a poor show just because I've done X good shows. I'd expect them to judge the show on it's own merits and not pull their punches due to fanboism.