Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In the Chamber: Proudmoore Pansies?

Thanks to an e-mail tip from Frank Jackson of Providence, Rhode Island, we decided to add his favorite podcast to the rotation and that podcast is the somewhat dubiously titled Proudmoore Pansies. I picked up Episode 27 which is dated yesterday, 2nd March, 2009. Haven't given a listen yet but will do soon. None of the five of us have heard this show before so it'll be a fresh take.

Starting World of Warcraft podcast #18 also dropped, called SWoW Holiday Cast 18. This guy Cian Mac Mahon is always pretty solid in my opinion, straight-up quickfire news. I think Pete Pete is trying to get in touch with him for an interview.

My iTunes must have been on holiday yesterday because I got new MaxSpeed and Octale and Hordak episodes today too... the ones I got yesterday were apparently from last week. What's going on I wonder, my settings must be muffed.

Pete Pete has his first Transcribing Master column coming today based on Yet Another World of Warcraft Podcast.

I listened to my first ever complete Epic Dolls yesterday (Episode 61) and can see why Melissa liked it! There was an informative discussion for newer players about what to look for when joining a guild that I thought was a real highlight. The hosts also laughed a lot and unlike podcasts where the hosts laugh and you know they're laughing because they think they're funny, these hosts laughed because it really sounded like they were having a good time and that can really carry the day sometimes. Podcasts need more honest laughter like this, and less dishonest laughter like Warcraft Outsiders.

That's all for now; see you at the matches!


  1. Hey there! I'm Cian, and I havn't heard anything from Pete Pete. Maybe you could give me his contact details or mine to him?

    Cian - Starting WoW

  2. Hey Cian! We switched things up a bit it looks like Melissa is going to do our new interview column. You can hit her up at: uwowmel@live.com

  3. Cian - I've sent you a note. Please check your spam mail folder I've found our "@live.com" email addresses are getting caught by spam filters!