Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mailbag: A Few Questions

We've had a few questions come in over the last week and a half and I've been letting them build up so we could have this extravaganza Mailbag column where I blast you with not one, not two, but three legitimate, completely non-Microsoft auto-response generated, emails. So let's get to it:


Do you plan to use pictures on your blog? It's pretty bland right now with a lot of text I'm sure that turns off some younger readers.


First of all, this has to be the same Frank Jackson from Providence, Rhode Island that emailed us once before so I'd say he's our first blog groupie. It doesn't seem to have hindered your readership or interactiveness with us, has it Frank? Second, I'm 18 and I write for this blog so I take offense that we younger people are intimidated by words! Not all of us are morons, moron. If you want pictures go to every other site on the webs. I'm not saying that we'll never have pictures here but I guess you haven't been reading from the beginning where we say we're content with our humble beginnings for now. Everything here is going according to our schedule, not yours.

Hi Toothy -

Thanks for the work you guys do it's a pretty big service considering there's so many podcasts out there. How much time do you spend listening to podcasts on average each week?

Thea (Hamsalad, lvl 22 priest, Anvilmar-US)

Good question Thea, I can't honestly tell you. But a lot. Figure the average show is 1 hour and I have about 40 WoW podcasts on my iPhone it's probably two days worth of listening to hear every show for a particular week (since some shows do tend to go 1.5 or 2 hours). That's why we've kind of broken the podcasts up into little pools between the five of us so we aren't overwhelmed trying to listen to everything, but I still listen to my favorites too like The Instance or Ctrl Alt WoW. Still about 5-10 hours a week of listening.

Hello UWoW Team -

I see Jim usually writes the In the Chamber column in the mornings, is he actually ever going to review anything himself? Has he tried to take over the blog? I liked how democratic things were looking here initially but it looks like he has put himself at the forefront now and the reviews are secondary.

Martin W. (Area 52)

When this showed up in my inbox I immediately sent a note to Pete Pete and copied the rest of the team because I thought for sure he was taking the piss. The Area 52 thing was a dead giveaway since he's the resident conspiracy theorist. But Pete Pete swore up and down that he didn't write the email so I guess I'll give Martin W. a legitimate answer to what I know is some sort of joke by someone we know: this is Jim's blog. If he wanted to call it Jim Surge's Magical WoW Podcast Review Blog With Four Other Clowns That Can't Write And Aren't Funny then that's what he'd call it and we'd all still write for it. That's what we think of him, it was his idea, and why he's been made "tiebreaker" on any votes we have, so piss off. Yes he's going to do reviews, he's probably going to do the first "A Longer Look" piece for us in addition to semi-regular Quick Hits.

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  1. Toothy's being rather blunt there when talking about the long-range goals of the blog so I want to clarify a couple of points:

    There really hasn't been any serious discussion about using or not using images, we just haven't used them. Sort of like how some of us have been lax from time to time about including hyperlinks in our posts. Before we concern ourselves with the look of the blog I feel we're still in a trial phase where we are figuring out our RL workloads and schedules to ensure we'll able to post new content every Monday through Friday. Once we can do that for a couple of months then we can start to worry about looks.

    All that said, Melissa has been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work on the graphic elements of the blog, specifically alternate UWoW logos. At the same time she's also proposed to develop icons for each of our regular columns, so a Quick Hit logo that appears with every Quick Hit, for example.

    If you want to have your suggestion heard email her at: